About Vida Oils

Vida Oils is an Africa-based refiner and packer of 100% coconut oil products with its Head Office in Mauritius and subsidiaries in South Africa and Mozambique. Established in 2011, the primary shareholders of Vida Oils are corporate investors whose interests are represented by Agri-Vie Africa Food and Agribusiness Investment Fund and Agricultural Industry Management Services (Pty) Ltd.

Vida Oils is an integrated lauric oil supplier; managing the supply chain from nature to the customer. Vida Oils prides itself on the offering of high quality products, customised to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

Vida Oils acquired an existing coconut refinery with a Bleaching, Deodorisation facility near Durban in South Africa that has been supplying coconut oil products to the food industry and industrial users since 1980. This factory is based in Isithebe, KZN, with distribution facilities in Johannesburg. The establishment of a distribution facility in Cape Town is currently underway. This enables Vida Oils to supply tailor-made lauric oil products to the food-, manufacturing-, health-, and cosmetics industries as well as to industrial users.

Vida Oils has also acquired a coconut oil extraction and refining plant in Inhambane, Mozambique. A coconut feedstock supply chain has been developed in partnership with local small scale growers. The operations will also enable the processing of fibre and coco-peat products for the growing industry internationally.

Our business strategy

The Vida Oils model targets the Lauric oils supply chain in Africa on both wholesale and retail levels, both locally and internationally. It is centred on three core tenets:

Feedstock – Here at Vida Oils we strive to provide a reliable supply of feedstock, and maintain fair supplier relationships.

Value Chain Aggregation – Vida Oils is proud to maintain direct control over, and involvement in, processes from F2B (“Farmer to Business”). Procurement of copra intrinsically links and rewards quality produce from the farmer with processed products for the commercial and industrial users of lauric oils and derivative products.

Brown field operations – Acquiring existing feedstock markets with existing or run-down facilities is the core focus of our business strategy.


The Association is a non-profit organization. It represents the interests of copra producers in the District of Homoíne to:

  • Ensure profitability of copra production and sale
  • Establish other agricultural projects
  • Improve the socio-economic conditions of Association members
  • Arrange training and skills development for its members
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