Our business model is built on a foundation of QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY.

Welcome to Vida Oils

Vida Oils is based in both South Africa and Mozambique. Vida Oils is an enthusiastic participant in the lauric oil value chain. Here at Vida Oils we procure our own feedstock, process our own materials, and manufacture our own products which we then sell, and distribute for sale, to the wholesale food and industrial markets as well as retail markets.

Our Vision and Mission

By taking control of the value chain, from feedstock supply to consumer, efficiently, effectively and responsibly; Vida Oils strives to be the dominant Africa-based producer of low cost, quality Lauric Oils and related by-products.

We aim to realize this vision by satisfying our consumers’ requirements through innovation, customisation and excellence.

We strive to make ourselves invaluable to our customers by continually improving our products and services, and enhancing their quality, and by investing in our relationships with our business partners.